Heat Wave

26 Jul

Too hot to do anything.



You sly dog, you

17 Feb


The bone

7 Dec

Too tired for the bone
I sleep, I don’t use dog bed


It’s been a long time.

20 Apr

We bought a house; adopted a new puppy; Katsudad started a new job; Katsumom got a new car.

Why is Katsu so happy now?

New puppy means new 24-hour dog friend, so no more dog aggressiveness!

And new house means new yard. New yard means


Sticks everywhere.


The smolder

5 Sep


the sexiness… i can’t even

it’s happened.

29 Jul

Katsudad & Katsumom got married.



And I did my honorable duty as the Pooch of Honor.

getting dressed


Heeeeey, Laaaaaadies!~~~

Happy PoH!


It was a great day! I’m so happy for my Mommy & Daddy!  And now that they live together and share finances, that also means more toys and treats for ME!!!


super close up


(Pictures 1 & 2 courtesy of Elizabeth & Rich Photography, http://elizabethandrich.com/)

two months

3 Apr

Two months until Katsumom & Katsudad wed in holy matrimony.

Katsumom is freaking out, but I,

I, Katsudon

I am as cool as a cucumber.


cool dog




11 Feb

It snowed over the weekend. HOORAY! I LOVE SNOW!



I have my own personal snow mountain. I call it… DOGFORT.


Too windy to keep my eyes open… but not too windy to make some “yellow snow.”

new family member

1 Jan

Happy new year! We are happy to report that we have a new member to the Katsu clan!



Luna is our new rescue kitten. We really hit the jackpot with her. She’s people oriented and outgoing.  In two days, she and Katsu have already grown accustomed to each other! Not the best of friends yet, but we hope that will change.

Luna & Katsudad

Katsu, Katsumom, Katsudad and Luna wish all of you a blessed 2013!

staying warm

30 Oct

It’s been awhile since we posted. Many things have been going on in the Katsufamily (wedding planning, new jobs, etc.).

With Hurricane Sandy and a couple of ‘mandatory’ days off from work, I finally have some time to update the blog (or at least, say hi)!

Katsu is doing well and reached his 2nd birthday in late September.  Here he is, staying warm and safe in the midst of this wild storm.



Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the hurricane throughout the East Coast.  Hope everyone is safe out there! Be careful when you walk your doggies – avoid standing water, watch for falling/fallen branches, etc.

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